Organizing a successful event relies on many factors: venue, catering, staff et cetera. An essential step in every event planning strategy is advertising. By choosing your target audience, identifying the platforms they use and finding the best advertising media to raise event awareness, you can guarantee an effective advertising campaign that lines up with your commercial objective. Another important step is to measure the success of your event to identify the performances that you need to improve when planning the next edition.

Usually, your event planning team or a hired event management company will measure, systematically, the results of how effective your event’s commercial objectives and marketing strategy were. In this article, you will be introduced to some of the indicators that will help you measure the success of your event.

  1. The Registration Numbers to your Event

The number and the speed of registration to your event can be quite indicative of how well your event has been received by the public and points out to the interest that it sparked in terms of the thematic that it will tackle, the invited keynote speakers or even for the networking advantages that it offers with like-minded peers. It is however important to be aware of what made your event successful based on a simple questionnaire.

  1. Client Satisfaction Survey

This questionnaire, designed by professionals of the field to narrow down the major requirements of what constitutes a good event, can be designed on a Survey app to get real-time feedbacks and reviews from participants. For instance, the survey may invite guests to rate on a scale of one to ten, how likely they appreciated the theme of the conference or if they would recommend similar events by the brand to a friend. These surveys can give you an overall assessment of what was well-received by the attendees and what was qualified as inoperative. An effective cost-free model of survey is the use of your event’s social media platforms to assess the success of your event.

  1. Social Media Numbers

It’s no secret that the boom that has witnessed the social media planforms, gave way to companies to exploit these goldmines to not only promote their events, via sponsored ads and promotional contents but also, to evaluate the success of their events. You can create a specific hashtag for your event and measure how many times it has been used or you might monitor how frequently your page has been cited by other users on the platform. It improves the advertising of your brand’s identity and it is a good indicator of the success of your event. Followers, reactions on your posts and mentions of your page are all excellent measurement tools that you can take advantage of.

If you’re interested in measuring the success of your event to evaluate and identify areas of improvement, ask for the opinion of an event professional. In Tunisie Congres, we praise ourselves for the quality of the services that we provide, and what’s more, our teams will assess the satisfaction of your attendees and advice you on future events and how to make them more successful.

Maya Ksibi is our Social Media Consultant and has been part of our team since 2018.

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